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In The Event Of Economic Collapse Or Catastrophe, Obama Ready To Eliminate Up To 16 US States

By Joseph R. Carducci on January 7, 2014 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci’s Feed  

We have been hearing from time to time about a state or two that might be ready or interested in breaking away from the USA if things continue to get worse from an economic standpoint across the country. This is particularly [...]

How to Bug Out to Canada or Mexico

Author Lee Flynn

How to Bug Out to Canada or Mexico

With the United States’ recent involvement in wars in the middle east and a financial crisis, many people have considered leaving the country to go somewhere that they believe would be safer. I believe that most people would agree that individual and family security [...]

How to Prepare Your Family for Flooding, Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters

Author Jason Harter is a sergeant turned fire fighter who is extensively trained to handle any emergency situation. He obtained his degree from one of the Top 10 Best Military Degree programs.

Nature’s fury  can set back even the most developed countries and bring them down to nothing but ruins. There is really not a [...]

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