Personal Austerity: 12 Ways to Radically Cut Your Expenses

Contributed by Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper.

How often do you hear people talk about how they would live their dreams if they only had a bit more money?  People always dream about moving to a remote area or about staying home with the kids or about relocating to the bug out location, but [...]

Cooking with a Homemade Solar Energy Oven

Sun is a sign of power and energy, and energy is a great natural source to make miracles happen. Today, every human being is dependent on resources like electricity and gas to do everyday tasks, and cannot imagine a life without these facilities. In case of electricity shutdown and low pressure of gas or any [...]

Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself

Found a great site today with a ton of Off the Grid Info. Please check it out.

Living Off the Grid: Free Yourself.