In The Event Of Economic Collapse Or Catastrophe, Obama Ready To Eliminate Up To 16 US States

By Joseph R. Carducci on January 7, 2014 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci’s Feed  

We have been hearing from time to time about a state or two that might be ready or interested in breaking away from the USA if things continue to get worse from an economic standpoint across the country. This is particularly [...]

Standard of living, meet falling US dollar – how a falling US dollar benefits banks at the expense of working Americans.

There is certainly a cost to a falling US dollar. Many Americans are living the consequences of this multi-decade long trend. The Federal Reserve has only added fuel to this trend but many families are now realizing that there does come a cost to unrelenting debt based solutions to fiscal problems. Shopping at the local [...]

Ninety days of destruction from the Obama White House | Fox News

By Wayne Allyn Root Published April 15, 2013

The economic news in America has gone from bad to worse.

First, we found out the jobs numbers are collapsing. Then retail sales figures were released- they show across the board contraction.

Next, we found out U.S. business inventory figures were a disappointment.