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Here’s How it Will be Done…

By eric

Incrementalism has proved depressingly effective as a tool for getting most people to quietly surrender their rights piecemeal. For gradually habituating them to an ever-diminishing circle of liberty. When the circle finally closes and their rights no longer exist at all, they hardly notice – because by that time, most of their rights [...]

25 Additional Items to Have on Your Bug-In List

Amanda Warren Activist Post

I’m on the tail end of Hurricane Sandy – we had high winds, freezing rain, and power outages but apparently my area’s going to be slammed and it won’t be safe to go out. Certainly not the same as being in the midst of a life threatening emergency yet, but we [...]

Listen to Your Intuition, Because Your Body Can Predict Future | Australian Popular Science

Listen to Your Intuition, Because Your Body Can Predict Future Events Without Conscious Clues Rebecca Boyleat 07:05 AM 24 Oct 2012 Storm Front Coming IMAGE BY Wikimedia Commons


Science //

Pre-cognition might really exist, at least in some limited fashion, according to a new study of studies. Humans can anticipate near-future events even [...]