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What Are Your Post Collapse Skills?

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The severity and flavor of a collapse will alter the value of one’s skill set and its favorable contribution to your own self reliance and/or that of a group.

You could say that the more severe the collapse, the more primitive of skills and strengths will be necessary for basic survival. As the severity lessens, and as a rebuilding phase begins, a much broader set of skills will be required to establish systems of convenience and the rebuilding of an infrastructure.

During the post-collapse period, and during most attempts to interact with others, a question will be: “What do you bring to the table?” It may not be said out loud, but it will be part of the interaction.

So ask yourself: “What do I bring to the table? What skills do I have that will be useful or valuable after a collapse?”

Typically, a person’s skill is exemplified in their career choice. Their job. Many people also have hobbies, which often are not related to their job. Do any of these talents, interests or hobbies apply to skills that may be valued after a collapse?

If you are at all concerned about the possibility of a collapse scenario, one in which a major portion of society would be badly affected… meaning that you would probably NOT be able to escape it one way or another, then you may want to think about your existing skill set.

It may help to first jot down on a piece of paper, a number of collapse scenarios, particularly those that you feel in your gut may actually be of legitimate risk today. After you have completed the list, write down what it is that you believe will be lacking in such a world. Which services? Which utilities? etc…

Then try and imagine HOW you would get by with what you have and what you know, in order to simply stay alive. If that’s covered (which it probably is not if you are honest with yourself), then move on to something else, like security… HOW will you be able to keep or protect what you have from others who WILL wish to take it from you? (Desperate people do desperate things)

There are a handful of basic categories to initially consider – those that basically keep you alive and keep you fed and sheltered. Once you’ve covered that, then move on to the next level. Know that you cannot make it long-term entirely on your own. You WILL need others. This is the level at which a broad skill set of individual talents will be more sought out. Initially these will still be fairly basic requirements. However even a basic requirement coupled with a targeted skill set will be extremely valuable due to the efficient and targeted application of said talent.

Unfortunately (for post collapse skills) in today’s modern world, many people’s skills are focused on high-tech in one way or another. While this is all fine and good for today, much of it will probably be completely nullified and useless in a post-collapse world.

One suggestion may be to acquire a hobby (which will become a skill) that is down to earth. Something practical, basic, but more importantly something that is FUN for you. Most of us like to get away from our modern day hectic lives once in a while, to get back to our roots. Explore those feelings and experiment with some of the interests and curiosities that come to mind. Quite likely THESE ARE THE THINGS that will be valuable in a post-collapse world.

I believe that SO MUCH of our roots have been rotted out, that there will be a sort of re-planting in the not too distant future. Common sense tells me that you can only venture out so far on a plank, before you fall into the water. The plank being highly leveraged modern day living by way of the systems that enable it. The water being the collapse.

It will do you good to better understand the risks that we face today, and to understand your existing skill set. If you need to make changes, I suggest that you do it soon…

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What Are Your Post Collapse Skills? | Survival.

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