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6 Essential Attributes of Successful Survivalists


 Having lived off the grid for the last 7 years, you see ‘em come, and you see ‘em go.  The dozens of people we’ve seen succeed and the dozens of people we’ve seen fail gave us a keen eye to the attributes necessary to be a survivalist.  Like we’ve told [...]

Fear Itself


If we were to pinpoint the one pervasive emotion in society today, it would be fear.  People all around you are fearful of almost everything.  They fear the police.  They fear the IRS, ATF, TSA and all the other “alphabet police”.  They fear losing their job.  They fear loosing their [...]

Running Out – A Prepper's Worst Nightmare


September is “National Preparedness Month”.  The one thing left out of all the hype for this new “celebration” (yes, I’ve read an ad on a alternative news web site  that said “Celebrate [9/11] with a 20% discount…”)is, for how long do you need to be “prepared”?  You have to understand that you cannot [...]