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Old blue jeans have multiple uses in survival kits

Survival Common Sense: tips and how to

Posted on May 18th, 2012  by Leon Pantenburgin Making Survival Kits

Most preppers and survivalists have a waste-not, want-not philosophy, and tossing or throwing away a pair of jeans with some wear left in them just goes against the grain! Here’s how to make the best use of [...]

Are We Already at the Survival Crossroads? | Before It’s News

Take a look around you. Read the papers and the news online. Watch the news channels. Part of the readers of this website are hoping and praying it’s not too late to start prepping. Part of the readers feel it is close but they can still get it together in time. A very small portion [...]

Weekly Food Storage Purchasing - July Week 4

If you are just starting out, this calendar can be used any year. Just start with the current month’s items.

We have tried to keep the costs down to between $40 and $50 per week. This might seem rather costly, but if you want to build a good food storage in only one year, it [...]