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In The Event Of Economic Collapse Or Catastrophe, Obama Ready To Eliminate Up To 16 US States

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By on January 7, 2014 Subscribe to Joseph R. Carducci’s Feed 

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We have been hearing from time to time about a state or two that might be ready or interested in breaking away from the USA if things continue to get worse from an economic standpoint across the country. This is particularly true in the case of Texas, since they even have the right to secede written into their state constitution. However, new reports have come to light that the Obama Regime may even be beating Texas and 15 other states to the punch on this issue.

Remember back to the last government shutdown? During this time period Obama actually considered the possibility of shutting down as many as 16 different states from receiving continued federal funds. Certainly we also understand that Obama would do anything to accomplish his goals, even if that means breaking up a nation.

The scenario likely would go something like the following if the US were to ever miss paying its debts. Within seconds of this news hitting the airwaves, the stock market and US dollar would dramatically decline in value. Interest rates would also rise dramatically, as would prices for a full range of commodities from food (get ready for $100 milk and $40 bread) to gasoline, with a gallon potentially costing as much as $1,000. Business owners would start to worry and probably start closing their doors to protect their inventories. Ironically, this will also likely trigger looting and additional chaos. Within another hour, the federal government would issue an emergency notification that its disaster map is going into effect, meaning a number of states are going to be cut off from receiving federal funds and assistance.

The need for the government to break up the country has been rationalized by planners as simply a way for the government to save money. The first states to be cut off from the government would be those that are receiving the largest TANF, or federal funds to low income families, payments. Of course, this would also place even those citizens that do not receive these payments but live in one of those states at risk.

Another method for the government to cut their ‘losses’ would be to eliminate people with lower household median incomes from the government. The idea here is that these people earn less money they pay less taxes (if any at all). This means lower revenue to the government. Therefore, they are expendable in times of governmental economic crisis. It is also interesting to note that most of the states to be cut off under either of these scenarios represent much of the southern half of the country.

Of course, the states themselves are not ignorant of such a plan. This is the reason why a number of them, like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, and Arkansas have either already resolved to leave the country in such a situation, or are flirting with the idea.

If all this gives you the idea that we could be in for a very bumpy ride ahead, then you are on the right track. There is nothing to offer us the idea that the federal government is dedicated to providing for our continued security, not with Obama in office and the unbridled spending of which there seems to be no end in sight. At the very least, it cannot end well and a day of reckoning may indeed come at some point.

What do YOU think? Could Obama potentially declare martial law? Can you see the US eventually missing a debt payment and descending into economic chaos? How would you react if your state was one of the ones cut off from the federal government?

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